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If you are looking for a highly experienced Direct Selling (Network Marketing) Consultancy company, which is a certified member of the UK Direct Selling Association (DSA), then look no further. Direct Sellers Consultancy owner, Clinton Sellers, is a 2nd generation industry success story. After growing up seeing his father run some of the most successful Direct Selling Companies in his day, Clinton followed in his footsteps in the late 1980’s, almost 29 years ago, and has an unrivalled wealth of experience to share with you. Clinton is the only Consultant in the industry who has achieved all of the following; 
Clinton Sellers has held top corporate positions in the industry and was in fact the youngest person in his day to run an international Direct Selling (Network Marketing) company 
Clinton Sellers became the highest ranking European Distributor, with a huge international network with a company for over 13 years, with a multi-million annual turnover 
Clinton Sellers has trained and mentored thousands upon thousands of distributors (Consultants/Ambassadors) to build successful businesses nationally and internationally 
Clinton Sellers is the only Consultant who has started up his own Direct Selling Network Marketing company from scratch, giving him invaluable knowledge and insight to share with you 
Clinton Sellers is the first person in the DSA’s history to own both a registered DSA UK member company and a certified DSA UK supplier’s company at the same time. Direct Sellers Consultancy is able to provide the most current, up-to-date and cutting-edge information to share with our clients 
Visit our website www.directsellersconsultancy.com to find out more about our experience, the services we can offer and why we are very different to other Consultants. Also, see our section headed ‘Important questions to ask your Consultant before using them’. We look forward to your call. 
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