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DSA in the News - 2013 

Work For Mums - 12th December 2013 
Six Tips for Getting Started in Direct Selling 
Are you feeling the pinch this Christmas? 
As the purse strings tighten in the run up to the big day, things can get pretty tight for working mums. However, help is at hand with direct selling – a great way to set up your own business, boost your income and sell products you love. 
Making Money - 6th December 2013 
January is a Time for Change 
Lynda Mills, director of the Direct Selling Association says: 
"The start of a new year is always a great opportunity to think about the future. We can consider what we want for the year ahead , whether it's to spend more time with the children, feel a little more secure in our finances, or get healthier. January is a time for change and when we speak to direct sellers about why they started their own business, each often has one similarity - they wanted to change something in their lives." 
WM Magazine - 6th December 2013 
Working Mums Talk Direct Selling  
Another factor behind this progression has been the revival of the Direct Selling phenomenon. Direct sellers, accoridng to the Direct Selling Association generate £2bn worth of sales annually in the UK. 
Amway - 6th December 2013 
Amway Announces Winner of Britain’s Most Inspiring Young Entrepreneur 
Direct selling company Amway UK has announced the winner of a competition to find Britain’s most inspiring young entrepreneur, awarding the prize to 21-year-old Stuart Maitland. 
Newcastle University student Maitland was crowned the winner of the Britain’s Top Real Role Model 2013 competition for his medical start-up mHealthful, which specialises in creating healthcare apps for patients and healthcare professionals. 
The Wall Street Journal Market Watch - 29th Novemebr 2013 
Usana Achieves Full Member Status of UK DSA 
"The membership process required by the U.K. DSA is one of the most challenging vetting processes of any country-specific DSA I have ever encountered," says Kevin McMurray, USANA's deputy general counsel of international markets. "It's not surprising they carry a very high degree of credibility in the direct selling industry." 
The U.K. DSA carefully reviews every facet of each direct selling company's business model, including completing a thorough review of the company's business documentation, online ordering process and online marketing presence to ensure every element of the business complies with the U.K. laws and regulations. 
Daily Mail - 13th November 2013 
“I’m a fire fighter and an Avon lady”: How one woman combines danger with glamour 
Official figures show that 1.2million people are either working for a second employer or setting up a business on the side. Donna Bowsher is one of many turning to direct selling for a more flexible way to supplement her income. This unique contrast of roles has caught the eye of this is money, Daily Mail and the Mail on Sunday. 
Woman's Own - 13th November 2013 
Woman’s Own and the DSA offer one lucky reader a bag full of worth of treats worth £300 
We have teamed up with lifestyle magazine Woman's Own to give away a goody bag in the magazine's online competition. 
The winner will receive a bag full of products from member companies including Herbalife, Avon, Pampered Chef and Neal's Yard Remedies. 
WM Magazine - 31st October 2013 
Mother finds work-life balance through Direct Selling 
Elaine Wan was an engineer and travelled extensively for her job, but changed direction after going on maternity leave because she did not think her career was compatible with having children. 
Her employer proposed a desk job, but she didn’t think that was for her. “I prefer to get my teeth into something,” she says. “I don’t just want to do something to earn money.” 
The Mirror - 31st October 2013 
Avon Offers a Secure Future for Single Mother of Three 
The Mirror reports Direct Selling success case study. 
Single mum Emma Dahill-Kiwacz feels so much happier about the financial future of her family as she has managed to stop relying on benefits and is building a successful business.. 
31st October 2013 
Little Trove Wins Business Boost Award for Entrepreneurial Spirit 
With tough competition from other sucessful local businesses, Little Trove managed to clinch the first prize at the awards ceremony held at Keele University on October 10. 
The Guardian - 18th October 2013 
Little Trove Owner Ramona Hirschi Writes Article for The Guardian on the Company’s Success 
Is it possible to be ethical when starting a new business? Ramona Hirschi, owner of Little Trove, explains why she wants every product sold to make a difference to those who made it. 
"When I started Little Trove in September 2011, I was embarking on a completely new career after many years as a solicitor. Yet although it was nerve-racking, I knew that if I was going to make the big jump to running my own business I wanted it to be for something I felt personally passionate about. 
Daily Mirror - 17th October 2013 
Tricia Phillips Reports on Direct Selling as a way of Supplementing Your Pension 
See the full article below 
Making Money - 10th October 2013 
Report on the Growing Number of Mothers Turning to Direct Selling 
120,000 working mums are now turning to direct selling money making ideas into significant incomes. 
That's a 20% increase on 2012, according to latest figures from The Direct Selling Association, the trade body for the industry. 
Metro - 7th October 2013 
There are now 120,000 Working Mothers Generating Income Through Direct Selling 
All regional editions of the Metro publish article on the growing number of mothers turning to direct selling to boost income. 
The full article can be read below 
Daily Mail - 4th October 2013 
Another Publication Features the Fantastic 20 percent Rise in Mother's in Direct Selling 
The rising cost of living, the cuts in child benefit were all reported as reasons for the increase. 
Coverage from other publciations can be read below. 
Networking Times - 10th September 2013 
Direct Selling: A Business Alternative for Young and Old 
Direct Selling in the UK is a thriving business sector that contributes the equivalent of over £2 billion ($3 billion USD) to the national economy each year. It's also the country's largest provider of part-time independent earning with over 400,000 direct sellers involved. 
The industry's recent growth is partly due to the country's economy; around 20,000 new direct sellers have entered the market since the recession began. Direct selling offers an alternative to traditional employment, offering people the opportunity to be their own boss and work flexibly. 
The Observer - 25th August 2013 
How Some Parents are Paying Childcare Bills Through Direct Selling 
Millions of working parents struggling to juggle the demands of generating an income with caring for a family are being urged to consider flexible alternatives outside the workplace to help manage the burden. 
Parents could however, sell goods by working from home for a member of the Direct Selling Association, the UK trade body. 
Take a Break Magazine - 19th August 2013 
Competition to win a Goody Bag of Direct Selling Association Member Products 
To celebrate this thriving sector, Take A Break have two goody bags up for  
grabs, packed with lifestle, beauty and homeware treats from Direct Selling Association members including Avon, Herbalife, The Pampered Chef and  
Neal's Yard Remedies. 
Over 400,000 people make money through direct selling in the UK - selling a variety of great products straight to consumers. 
The Independent - 19th August 2013 
Advice on Student Budgeting: Full-Time Lessons in Finance 
A lump sum and plenty of ways to spend it – what could possibly go wrong? Having a large chunk of cash in the bank is one of most tempting prospects for freshers embarking upon their first term. "We do all get a bit excited when the first loan instalment is in your bank account," says Patricia Obawole, who's just finished her first year of law at Bournemouth University (BU). The average undergraduate will have burned through their first term's loan 51 days into term, according to research by vouchercodes.co.uk – leaving nearly four weeks to survive on  
fresh air. 
The Sunday Times - 18th August 2013 
Student Guide to Cutting Costs 
Those loans are daunting, but there are wasy to raise funds and to cut the cost of life at university 
Earn while you study 
Many students work while at university to help cover costs, but if you cannot find part-time employment, look at other ways to boost income. 
For example, many more students are turning to direct selling to bring in some extra money, acting on behalf of companies to market their goods to customers such as friends at home. The Direct Selling Association says that the number of under-25s in direct selling increased by nearly a third last year. Companies involved include Avon, The Pampered Chef and The Body Shop 
The Telegraph - 8th August 2013 
Battle of the Boudoir as the French ‘Ann Summers’ enters the UK - Soft Paris 
A French entrepreneur who launched a lingerie and boudoir accessories business after being inspired by Ann Summers is coming over the the UK to take it on. 
Anne-Charlotte Desruelle, a former corporate lawyer, is hiring staff to sell her “chic and cheeky” Soft Paris products in homes across Britain after finding success in France, Belgium, Spain and Italy. 
Real People - 8th August 2013 
DSA Giveaway featured in Real People 
Readers of Real People magazine were given the chance to win a pamper  
hamper goody bag worth £300, to celebrate the growing number of Direct  
Sellers in the UK. 
The goody bag included a variety of products our valued members including scented candles, make-up and a baking dish. 
Daily Record - 2nd August 2013 
Reader’s chance to win beauty gift basket worth £300 
The Scottish Daily Record team up with the DSA to give one lucky winner a goody bag full of treats from DSA members. 
The goody bag is full of beauty and lifestyle products from companies such as Herbalife, Pampered Chef and Neals Yard Remedies. 
More than 200,000 people make money through direct selling in the UK with Direct Selling Association companies making up 51 per cent of total direct sales. 
Mummy Money Matters - 17th July 2013 
Mummy Money Matters re-enforce the Under 25's trend 
An increasing number of young adults are taking to direct selling, according to new figures from the Direct Selling Association (DSA). 
Interestingly, the number of under-25 year olds taking up direct selling increased by 29% in 2012 over a year. 
Of the 400,000 direct sellers in the UK, over 75,000 are now under 25. Under-25s year now make 19% of the direct sales force, with 30% of direct sellers in the UK educated to degree level. 
Fresh Business Thinking - 16th July 2013 
Young People Turn to Direct Selling 
New figures released today by the Direct Selling Association (DSA) reveal a boom in the number of young people in direct selling with the average number of under-25 year olds at member companies in 2012 increasing by nearly a third (29%) compared to 2011. Of the 400,000 direct sellers in the UK, over 75,000 are now under 25. 
The Direct Selling Association (DSA), the trade body that represents direct selling companies including Avon, Herbalife and The Pampered Chef surveyed its 60 member companies, and discovered that young people are increasingly attracted to direct selling. Under-25s year now make 19% of the direct sales force, with 30% of direct sellers in the UK educated to degree level. 
YourMoney.com - 15th July 2013 
What's Hot in the Direct Selling World? 
YourMoney.com find out which products are most popular among the millions of direct sellers in the UK. 
The direct selling industry has been booming in the UK as households struggle to make ends meet. 
According to the Direct Selling Association (DSA), there are currently over 400,000 direct sellers in the UK, a rise of 20,000 people since 2009. The industry generates £2bn worth of sales annually in the UK. 
In simple terms, direct selling is where goods are sold directly to consumers outside of a fixed retail environment, like a shop. 
MummyMoneyMatters - 30th June 2013 
Can Direct Selling Work for Mums? 
We're under more pressure now than ever before, with the cost of living continuing to rise and the economy showing little sign of returning to normal. Jobs are harder to come by. And when you factor in the need for flexible working, it's little wonder that working mums are frequently looking for an alternative. 
YourMoney.com - 28th June 2013 
The Return of the Avon lady: How You Can Become a Direct Seller... 
Could you do with some extra cash? Join the thousands of people who've started direct selling. 
The Avon lady is one of the most iconic images of women's entrepreneurship. For over 120 years, representatives have gone door-to-door, selling beauty products to neighbours, colleagues and friends. 
Recently, the direct selling industry has been booming in the UK, no doubt due to households struggling to make ends meet and needing a little extra income to get by on. 
The Times - 27th June 2013 
Direct Selling Sees an Increase in Under 25’s 
Large student debt, late-night drinking and The Only Way is Essex may be the images most often associated with under-25 year olds. But yound people are more likely to be found trying their hand in a business traditonally regarded for the stay-at-home mums, according to the Direct Selling Association. 
Financial Times - 8th April 2013 
Ambitious Migrants Fuel Rise in Direct Selling 
The industry sees trend as evidence of incomers' business nous and work ethic. 
Read full article below 
The Weekly News - 23rd March 2013 
No Age Limit for Direct Sellers 
Direct Selling shows its flexibility as it proves popular with older generations 
Once again, the direct selling industry shows that it is one of the most flexible industries around. There is no upper age limit, direct sellers are only limited by their own abilities and effort. The sky really is the limit for this couple from Surrey. 
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